代管型 VPS 服務 - Managed VPS Service

What is a First Class plan?

First Class is a managed VPS-like hosting plan with dedicated server resources. A First Class server has multiple CPUs and multiple solid-state disks (SSD). Each user account gets its own CPU cores and its own SSD. This makes 100% virtualization - each account has its own guaranteed resources, including I/O operations, and customer accounts on the same server cannot affect each other's operation in any way.

Where are First Class servers located?

We have First Class servers in the CenturyLink datacenter, Boston, US, at the Neterra datacenter, Sofia, Bulgaria, and at the iAdvantage datacenter, Hong Kong.

What is this plan most suitable for?

We have designed this plan mostly for customers with sites that have outgrown the resources of a shared hosting environment. You can host popular, heavily-visited sites, digg-ed or slashdot-ed sites, sites requiring much CPU resources (for video processing for example), etc. - any site for which you want stable and uninterruptable service with many available server resources.

Where is my root password?

You do get an SSH access to the server, but you do not get root access. This is a managed service - the server software is set up by us.

How many domains can I host?

Each hosting account is meant to host one domain name. Our Terms of Use apply for this plan as well, with the main difference that we will not take measures if your account "uses too much resources". You have your own server resources, you can use them in full, and there is no way for you to affect the whole server.

Are there any hardware or software limits on the First Class plan?

Although the available CPU and memory resources on a First Class plan are much higher than the ones on a shared hosting plan, the server resources are not unlimited. Each account is limited within the dedicated CPU cores and allocated RAM.

To ensure the proper operation of each server, the following adjustable limits are also in place:

  • CPU per process is set to 60 seconds per process
  • memory per process is set to 195MB per process
  • maximum number of processes is set to 50

These limits can be modified to a certain extent, but we strongly suggest against a big increase or their full removal. The purpose of these limits is to keep the machine operational, by not allowing all hardware resources to be exhausted and the machine to hang. If the limits are increased too much, then all hardware resources might be occupied, and the machine will simply become non-responsive. A non-responsive machine means that it will probably have to be rebooted.

The First Class plan is suitable for heavily-visited sites, but the simultaneous visitors it can serve are always a finite number. This number greatly depends on the way the site software is set up, and the resources required for each visitor.

What should I know about the SSD storage on the First Class plan?

Each First Class plan comes with a separate solid-state disk. This means that you get your own dedicated I/O system. This is a great advantage compared to other VPS services, where the I/O system is shared. With the dedicated I/O system, it is not possible other users on the same system to affect the operation of your account. With having a dedicated solid-state disk, its capacity should cover everything needed to run a server - OS installation, swap space, system reserved space, system and account logs, and your account data. That's why each SSD has at least 10% reserved space on top of the account quota, which is to be used for the system installation and logs. However, system and account logs can sometimes become large enough - for example, due to increased account usage/visitors - and they could outgrow the 10% reserved space. In such cases, logs and other system services can occupy space from the account quota.

What software do I get, and what if I want additional modules/software installed?

The software environment on the server is very similar to our shared hosting environment. You do get all the software that shared hosting accounts have - Control Panel, Webmail, etc. However, adding modules/software without extensive testing can affect this software environment; therefore, it will not be possible to grant all requests about additional software. If you need anything specific, you contact our Support Team, and we will review your request.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

There is a fifteen-day money-back guarantee on your first month subscription.

How is billing organized?

First Class plans are paid month-by-month. On the first date of each month, you will receive an invoice for this month. You have time until the end of the month to make the payment for the account.

What should I know about the free domain and the SSL certificate I get with my first class plan?

With each First Class plan, you can get a free domain name and a free SSL certificate. Even if you order just a single month of First Class service, you get a domain name and an SSL certificate valid for a year.

You can choose between all TLDs that we offer to our customers. You can register a new domain, renew an existing domain registered by us, or transfer an existing domain registered elsewhere. Note that the free domain offer does not cover the price of domains sold on domain auction sites or similar.

As for the free SSL certificate, you can choose between GeoTrust RapidSSL or Sectigo Essential certificate.

To get your free domain and/or SSL certificate, just contact our Support Team after you have the First Class account opened.